lofidelity Key Concepts.

Our project is to afford immersive interaction with abstract agents that are composed of light clusters, have multiple modes of visual and auditory expression, and are embedded in surfaces with dimensionality and depth. The viewers of the A-Life sculpture Push/Pull become interactants whose creative agency is enhanced by their experience of the work.

These are some of our objectives:

  • To create novel artificial agents that have sophisticated behaviours, yet have low-fidelity embodiments.
  • To instill in the viewer a sense of conversing with artificial agents.
  • To develop interactant-representative (IR) agents that are representative of the human interactant.
  • To build a hardware infrastructure shaped by the artistic vision of the work, one that extends and augments the infrastructure developed for the artworks Swell [2003] and Flo'nGlo [2005-2006]: abstract in shape and form, using mixed materials, controlled by an underlying computational platform, and incorporating the use of multiple sensors and articulators.
  • To develop an architecture for artificial agents with a module that is responsible for multimodal articulation:
    • to implement action planning that is based on Finite State Automata that implement Sacks et al's (1974) systematics of conversational turn-taking
    • to have the agent populations exhibit emergent turn-taking behaviour.

Our goals also include the evaluation of the elicited interactions as both artistic products
and scientific data:

  • Artistically, to contribute to the study and implementation of interactivity.
  • Scientifically, to evaluate our hypotheses regarding the attribution of agency and the human behaviours we anticipate to be elicited in interactions with low-fidelity agents, in the context of hetereogeneous agent populations.
  • To develop multi-methodological evaluation that uses both qualitative and quantitative approaches.