lo-fi_team Team Profiles.

Dr. Melanie Baljko, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, York University, Toronto, Canada. Her work in computer science began with an interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and computational linguistics. Recent work has focused on a number of inter-related areas including research into the potential application of computational models to assist those with extreme communicative disorders. Scientific director of Lo-fi: principal programmer (Java); scientific evaluation of the project; closely involved in building the sculpture.

John Kamevaar, independent sound artist, Trent Hills, Canada. Brings an aesthetic of non-musical sound to the project. Formed the experimental sound group Kaiser Nietzsche in the 1980s, and has performed for twenty years with the Toronto-based improvisation ensemble CCMC (1981-94 and 2012-present; currently Kamevaar, Michael Snow, John Oswald and Paul Dutton). Sound composer for the project; involved in design of the interaction.

Dr. Kim Sawchuk, Professor, Department of Communication Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Currently holds the Concordia University Research Chair in Mobile Media Studies and for six years was the editor of the Canadian Journal of Communications (www.cjc-online.ca). Co-editor of Wi: Journal of the Mobile Commons Network (www.wi-not.ca). Her research involves the close study of the relationship between embodiment, social practice and discourses on technology. Heading up the user assessment component for the Lo-fi project.

Nell Tenhaaf, Professor, Department of Visual Arts, York University; lives and works in Trent Hills, Canada. Has been working with computer-based media since the early 1980s. Her works in the 1980's were a critique and appropriation of scientific representations of genetic engineering and biotechnology. She has since become implicated in artificial life (A-life) and created sculptures that bring human and electronic components into close contact. Artistic director of Lo-fi; Max/MSP programming.

Electronics Design:

Nick Stedman, MFA in Media Studies, 2008, University at Buffalo (SUNY). Nick is an electronic media artist who works in sculpture and installation. His works have been shown in Canada and also internationally, for example at ISEA and Ars Electronica. His collaborative work with Kerry Segal, The Blanket Project, is an ongoing effort to create a fully autonomous robotic blanket that can move around a room. Designs and builds custom electronics for the Lo-fi project.

Student Participants:

Eng Chuen Chuah, BFA honours 2007, Visual Arts Department, York University.

Zev Farber, MFA 2010, Visual Arts Department, York University.

David Jacob, MSc 2007, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, York University.

Michael Kaftarian, MSc 2009, Computer Science and Engineering, York University.

Heather Phillips, BFA honours 2008, Visual Arts Department, York University.
Works in sculpture and photography.

Miki Rubin, BFA honours 2008, Visual Arts Department, York University.
Works in sculpture primarily.

Niknaz Tavakolian, MFA 2008, Visual Arts Department, York University.
Works in film, video and interactive media.

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