Rodot WinWin

We completed a second interactive lo-fi sculpture in 2012:

  • it is composed of shaped plexiglass with LED display, a sound dome, a sculpted seat for the viewer, and a handheld orb that is the interface for activating the work
  • the viewer has a role within a dynamic cycle of order and disorder – not really as controller or controlled, but somewhere in between
  • the sculpture shows very low-res video via optical cable that is connected to custom LED boards
  • the imagery appears highly abstract, but actually it displays synthetic nano-particles settling into a pattern and then unsettling
  • the viewer sits, picks up the small flashing orb, and transitions among different video/audio states
  • WinWin is likely to thwart viewers’ expectations about interactivity.

WinWin from Nell Tenhaaf on Vimeo.